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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hyderabad HC Denies Maintenance To A Wife Who Earns More Than Husband. Now, This Is Equality!

by Celeb porn  |  in News at  9:52 AM

Hyderabad HC Denies Maintenance To A Wife Who Earns More Than Husband. Now, This Is Equality!

Fight for equality has been endless and discrimination, multitude.

We have been crying out loud for equal rights, but how far have we come? This incident bears a little answer.

A woman in Hyderabad will NOT get maintenance from her husband, because she draws much more salary than him. Earlier, the family court had ordered the maintenance of Rs 4,000 to the wife. Hyderabad High Court overruled those orders.

Justice B. Siva Sankara in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, opened the case after husband, B.M. Ranjit Kumar of Srikakulam district filed a petition.

The woman had filed a petition in the family court that she and her husband only enjoyed 5 days of happy marriage. After that, he started pushing her to commit suicide. All of this, because he suspected that she was cheating on him. She wanted a maintenance of Rs.10,000 from the man.

The woman’s petition said that B.M. Ranjit Kumar, the husband, is a lecturer with a salary of Rs.15,000 per month and owns a few properties. The family court then settled that the wife should receive a maintenance of Rs. 4,000 every month from the husband.

Ranjit Kumar’s High Court petition challenged the claims and said that the wife lived with him for only 12 days and is not entitled for any maintenance as she is capable of earning her own bread. Because she draws a salary of Rs. 20,000 per month.

Husband also said that he has no property and had no job when he got married. He used to make money by giving tuitions. After listening to both the sides, Hyderabad High Court passed the judgement that the husband is not liable to pay anything to the wife, and has seen the wife as an independent woman, who can take care of herself.

While, there are a lot of cases where husbands have to go out of the way to pay lump-sum alimony to the wives as maintenance, this verdict of the judge, seeing the woman as an equal, comes as a whiff of fresh air. When women are left in despair by their better halves, they deserve a chance at life in the form of monetary help. But when they are capable to take care of themselves, then they should stand upright. So, THIS judgement is of equality.

Let’s talk about a progressive society now, shall we?

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